Wednesday, February 11, 2015

OBD2 Scanner

OBD2 Scanner tool works with Every Model

What is the reason for having the above setup for you? Mainly, you now have a powerful tool to analyze your car’s OBD data yourself, better even than the specialized scanning tools only dealerships and big shops had in the distant past. With your own setup, if your Service Engine Soon ( SES ) light comes on you can look at detailed OBD2 data for yourself to see what trouble codes have been set and the conditions they were set under, possibly saving you money in repair costs by knowing what is or isn't wrong with your car. 

This site is the premier OBD2 ( a.k.a. OBD2 ) trouble codes resource site. Instead of just giving you a cryptic description of what a trouble code means, we offer a lot more information on trouble codes: troubleshooting tips, symptoms, and possible solutions. We strive to give you the most troubleshooting information as possible, in one site. We also feature car repair forums, where you can ask questions, totally free. 

Diagnostic tool line offers the most powerful, affordable and simplest method to access today’s complex OBD2 systems. For many, it is quite interesting to be able to see your car's sensor systems working in real time, and even having the potential to upgrade performance through PROM reprogramming of your car’s ECM/PCM (not for the beginner). 

Let's look at the OBD2 Scanner tool first, since we sell low cost OBD-II scan tools. It will probably be the only thing you will need to buy to do your own diagnostics and clear your trouble codes, which turns off the check engine light. 

If you have a newer laptop that does not have the 9 pin serial RS-232 interface built in and has a USB only interface, order the OBD2 Scanner with USB interface. You can use our serial version OBD2 Scanner tool on a USB only PC by adding a USB to Serial converter. 

Find great deals for OBD2 Bluetooth in Other Diagnostic Service Tools. Then plug the provided serial or USB cable into the other end of the OBD2 unit and then the 9 pin RS-232 serial port or usb connector into your laptop. Have your PC turned on and start whatever data collection software you have downloaded, and turn the car key forward to start the communication between your cars ECU/PCM and the PC. You can view your cars sensor data, read diagnostic trouble codes if any are set, and clear the diagnostic trouble codes. 

Car performance / diagnostics tool and scanner that uses an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management / ECU. Some packages provide freeze frame data, which is all the cars sensor data at the time a particular trouble code was set. Some packages allow data logging for viewing later on with extensive color graphing capabilities. Other packages have built in dynamometer calculations so you can in effect have your own chassis dyno. 

The last item needed is the diagnostic software that will run on your PC or handheld to collect and record the data from your OBD-II system. There are a number of excellent OBD Software packages available, with some of them being free and others giving you a trial or demo mode. 

Screen shots and links to each website are provided below for a few of the software packages we have tested and work well with the OBD Software scan tool. We're not endorsing one scanning package over another, as they all have their place and will provide critical data. Below are screen shots of some of the software packages. 

There are many more screens to all of these packages; we've just included a few for viewing here. You can click on the image to get a larger view, and clicking on the title link below the picture will take you to the manufacturer’s website for each of these OBD-II packages. We provide a software CD with all OBD Software units. 

The OBD Software scan tool is built using the ELM327 processor chip, for which many software packages have been written. This chip is used by a number of manufacturers and as time goes on, more and more software packages will be developed for it. This will ensure a variety of packages readily available to everyone, with more and better features in future versions. The OBD2 scan tool is able to operate at 2 different communication speeds that are user selectable, to insure compatibility with existing and future software packages. 

Navigate to this website for getting more information related to OBD2 Bluetooth.


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  2. I like that consumers can get tools like this to check their cars out. You can do a lot with these scanners, even if you’re not a mechanic. obd2 scanner codes Thanks to web pages and YouTube, even people with little or no automotive skills can operate these and figure out what’s going on. I can see a person using this to figure out what may be malfunctioning in their vehicle. That way the mechanic won’t be able to give them false information and ask for unnecessary repairs.